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Critical Job Skills to Get Ahead

An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Building Your Own Business

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An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Building Your Own Business

Turn your startup business idea into the enterprise of your dreams with this step-by-step hands-on workshop

Michael Hansen

Best-selling Author & Serial Entrepreneur

Michael Hansen is no stranger to business development, starting his first company after graduating from Harvard Business School and going on to found numerous successful start-ups throughout his professional career. He has written two best-selling books about the best practices for launching a business and is frequently invited as a guest speaker at entrepreneurship conferences.

What you'll learn

  • Comprehensive explanation of every step you need to take to launch a successful business and become your own boss, from legal action to getting early customers
  • Respond to failure by quickly pivoting and refine your idea into a marketable product
  • Create a business plan with insights from Michael so you can start building your company today!


  • You’ll get the most out of this course if you come with a business idea in mind, but no worries if you’re just interested in learning the principles of entrepreneurship for future use!
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Instructors prepare up to 2-hours of prep course material, allowing you to go even deeper together

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Instructors train on insights & methodology. Ask questions & participate in the chat.

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Instructor-led, interactive classrooms offers real-time exercises and feedback.

Clear Takeaways

Each instructor provides your quick cheat sheet on the topic for next steps.

What people are saying

Tons of value in this course. Definitely a must for anyone who is serious about starting their own business.

Kendall S

My biggest fear when I started my business was failing, but with Michael’s help, I realized that pivoting is one of the most important skills for launching a successful start-up. Thank you Michael!

Hamada N

I’m new to the world of business, and this course really helped me narrow my focus and visualize my path to success. I can’t tell you how many “aha!” moments I had throughout this workshop

James N