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Data Analysis for Non-Data People

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Data Analysis for Non-Data People

This crash course will teach you the best strategies for quickly interpreting tons of data and synthesizing conclusions and actionable takeaways no matter your level of existing involvement with data.

Joe Park

Consultant & Data Analysis Instructor

In his 18 years of management consulting, Joe has trained leaders across a variety of industries on the best practices for generating comprehensive insights and intelligence from their data, without requiring any formal training in data analysis. He is also a best-selling author and advocate for making data analysis training simple and affordable.

What you'll learn

  • Learn the 4 step process to effectively interpreting & synthesizing a lot of data -- from an Excel sheet to a financial sheet to a dashboard of results at work to wow your higher ups
  • Joe’s framework for data-driven problem solving
  • Simple methods of data analysis you can instantly start using without having to rely on any confusing formulas or macros
  • The best practices for displaying your data in visually-striking graphs


  • No prior experience is required though can be useful. This course will provide a framework for how to approach data sets and data driven problems.
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Pre-Workshop Material

Instructors prepare up to 2-hours of prep course material, allowing you to go even deeper together

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Instructors train on insights & methodology. Ask questions & participate in the chat.

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Instructor-led, interactive classrooms offers real-time exercises and feedback.

Clear Takeaways

Each instructor provides your quick cheat sheet on the topic for next steps.

What people are saying

Excellent course! Joe teaches complex material in an intuitive and easy to understand way. He is truly passionate about the course and responds to student needs individually.

Faith K

After being disappointed by so many data analysis courses on other websites, Joe’s workshop stood out to me as engaging, informative, and well-structured.

Sarah G

Such an innovative way to teach and also meet other passionate students

Jack M

Joe made it all worth it!

Reggie S.