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How Successful People Manage Their Time

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How Successful People Manage Their Time

Work smarter, not harder, with these easy time-management strategies designed to help you to stop procrastinating and improve your workflow.

James Miller

Serial Entrepreneur & Life Coach

James Miller is an innovation expert who has years of experience founding and developing successful start-ups in numerous sectors. He credits his success to the time management strategies that he has created over the years, which are guaranteed to increase your productivity and help you to reach your career aspirations.

What you'll learn

  • Increase your productivity by implementing three easy strategies throughout your day
  • Double the amount of work you can accomplish by setting goals and avoiding procrastination
  • Create a personal time management plan with insights from James to fit your personality and style
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What people are saying

Excellent course that enabled me to reach my goals in the most efficient manner

Janet S

This was my first workshop on CareerFly and I have no regrets. James gave so much applicable information that will truly benefit your life and make you more productive.

Martin S

Good topic, well presented. I learned practical actions that I have already begun to implement in my workplace to increase my productivity.

Amanda B