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The Art of Masterful Persuasion

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The Art of Masterful Persuasion

Master the psychological skills behind persuading, selling, and influencing for all of your business and personal goals.

Lisa Chapman

Social Psychologist & Executive Coach

After finishing her degree in social psychology, Lisa Chapman turned her attention to coaching, beginning as a sales trainer and eventually becoming the personal coach for some of the top executives at Fortune 500 companies. Whether you’re a manager trying to close a high-profile deal or a new employee looking to gain rapport in your workplace, Lisa’s principles of persuasion are the key to achieving your goals.

What you'll learn

  • Master five easy techniques based on psychological principles to become more persuasive and influential in your everyday life
  • Apply these tactics to your professional life to close business deals and advance in your workplace
  • Influence people’s subconscious to evoke a target emotion in any situation
  • Build a compelling message with the help of Lisa to persuade an entire audience to do what you want
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Instructors prepare up to 2-hours of prep course material, allowing you to go even deeper together

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Instructor-led, interactive classrooms offers real-time exercises and feedback.

Clear Takeaways

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What people are saying

I just started a new job and Lisa’s techniques are so helpful! I can already tell that my boss and coworkers like me.

Elizabeth G

Amazing that these little adjustments to the way I speak and carry myself could have such a profound effect on the way others perceive me. Fantastic course.

Jonathan M

Lisa is outstanding. I took what I learned in this workshop and applied it to my company’s sales strategy and we ended up converting almost twice as much, with way lower rates of customer complaints.

Dave H